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Rider Builds


Owen from New Zealand

Another fine build from Owen

Skyway TA with graphite tuffs!


Julian from Wales

Stunning build from Julian!

The spec

Koizumi Cromo mark 2 Frame and Tange Forks painted in Custom Team Colours.
Win Pro size NOS bars.
Aero zytec refurbed mag wheels.
Original Dia compe MX 900 calipers mint condition
Dia Compe tech 3 levers refubed by OBB with new clamps
NOS tange 125 black alloy headset
NOS dia Compe 1984 dated cables
NOS Dia Compe Japan stamped cable clips
NOS Sugino 43 chainring with milled teeth
NOS Sugino chainring bolts
NOS Sugino 178 mm crankarm
Mint Tange Botton Bracket
NOS Izumi black and silver chain
NOS SR custom M pedals refinished in Baby Blue by OBB
Sr seat clamp refurbed Mint
SR stem refurbed Mint
Kashimax New aero seat (leather covered) with minty original kashimax guts.
NOS chrome straight seatpost
Repop tioga comp 3 tyres with skin walls
New AME tri grips
NOS shimano 17 theeth chrome/black freewheel
NOS old school chain tensioners
NOS dia compe x4 Grey brake ferrels
Cateye NOS RR-390 Front and rear reflector lenses
Cateye NOS B-10 front reflector bracket and NOS B-1 Rear Bracket
Custom team padset (esemdesign)



Owen from New Zealand

I have never seen one of these but Owen says this is an Aussie built bmx, around 86. Very popular back in the mid 80's in NZ as well. They are now very hard to find. I guess it's lucky you have two of them then eh Owen


MoSun from Canada


Raleigh Burner From Spencer in the UK